Today we've opened our new billing and order site. From here you'll be able to place orders and be automatically billed via email and given links in your email to pay. Please be sure to use those links in the email to pay rather than just sending money in. Also be aware that we now charge late fees for customers who are late with server payments.

Station51 also no longer offers shared hosting or small webspace. We strictly deal in dedicated and VPS rentals. Current shared web hosting customers will need to begin looking for new homes during this billing period.

This website is very important for you as a customer and you should treat it with respect. Please provide accurate email and postal mailing addresses and real names. Station51 no longer accepts anonymous orders and will reject anyone attempting to place them. 

We offer servers in both the US and EU and each of our datacenters has different policies and build times. Contact us about your order if you have questions.

For new customers just arriving, we'd like to take this time to let you know that we've been in business for many years and have had many customers. We're by far not the cheapest provider. We are simply a reseller. Think of us as a go-between for you and the datacenters around the world. We offer the best support available. Not only do we offer support via MSN and Yahoo, but through this portal and through email. So if you want someone to talk to you while waiting on a datacenter to fix a problem, or you just have questions or need some hand-holding or someone to talk to about hosting in general, we're the support team for you. Replies to most questions are answered usually immediately but always within 24 hours. Support is our #1 goal for you. We know how it feels to be left hanging while a datacenter works on your server and doesnt respond to tickets asking for updates. Sometimes all a customer needs is a simple "We're still working on it. We're sorry it's taking so long." to be assured that they've not been forgotten.

So please keep us in mind when you need a server for whatever purpose that may be. 


Best Regards,

Bill Sargent
Station51 Web Hosting

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

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